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According to the upcoming holidays, our office is closed on Friday, April 3, 2015 is that we continue our normal schedule Monday, April 6, 2015. Our new, easy to determine, for searching throughout the country is next to the North Carolina registration search results found on the map. Become unnecessary at the bottom of the page to display the results of the research of the movement throughout the country. Please note that now buy back control of the account. You can see a new design, if you are looking for a criminal history NC. This new case buy now allows you to simply select the number of files and the simplest case is now open in a new window. Customers with instant buying adjustment already does not select a type of purchase, buying now all cases. Users who would like to buy then reactivate or want to implement this kind of purchase, first contact customer service has this setting that is applied to your account. The feature later buy CN registry is now active! This function inserts require instant access cases does not in the case of your basket. For these cases, they are placed after 23. hours on the day of the order by e-mail. Buy cases of more later ordered are delivered with a 25% discount rate now buy offered case. Our enhanced name criminal investigation now reported results including exact matches, common alternative spellings and nicknames for court case search in north carolina a fixed price!The criminal investigation of the name requires the full and correct name looking for the spelling of the family name. This research is greater than the previous search function, because it shows the most likely outcome at the top of the result set. This ensures that you no longer have to browse hundreds of names, the person and try to find. .