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What is this site?Is a search engine of cases presented in the municipality, district of the Superior Court of the State of Washington. You can see the results of the search in the registry of the court official or complete. How to make a complete judicial dossier? You can reach the Court where the case was filed, is registered in court, or to order copies of court documents. How do I contact the Court? Click on contact in a court directory with information about all State courts. Find the result of an event on this website? No, you should consult the local or the registry of the Court of appeal. How can I court case search engine verify the information contained in the search results? You should consult the court record to verify all information. Use the trash search results to find someone for recycling? The Washington State Patrol (WSP) has managed to indicate the record of criminal history information. Click here to view information on criminal enforcement. Where the information? Employees, commercial collaborators at municipal, district and appellate Courts across the country than insert information on cases filed in the courts. Search engine updates approximately 24 hours from the time of the Secretariat for information of this type. This website is managed by the Secretariat of State of Washington, the judge. The authorities, the information on this site and maintain this website: ensure that information is accurate and complete. ? Noguarantee this information in its current form? Noguarantee the identity of each person, the name that will appear on these pages? Noassume liability for disclosure or use of information? No,,.