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We have redesigned our site recently and the article, which later moved to a new location. It is located at the new site: www. Txcourts. Governor please take a moment to update your bookmarks may have. Main page/search the public access to court information, if the accusation of Arizona is impatient public access in the event of judicial information, a valuable online service, offer a service for more information about the judgments of the Court in 153 180 courts in Arizona.  Flat map not available.   To monitor the performance and avoid excessive use of high volume, that we create a random check of words that must be entered before running a search. Contact for questions or ask us for technical issues or access to the options of high volume. Please type the words in the text box that appears, and then click the button to submit your search to continue.   Boredom? If you experience problems when the form is there, click the Send button instead of supporting the entry if you have entered the text. Note: Internet Explorer users 10: information is correct as of when you change the compatibility mode. How? The following cases are excluded from search results: sealed, if not orders served as a guard, the legalization of Probate and mental health, data from victims and witnesses. Incorrigible juvenile crime information are also on this site. However, other court case search de types of cases in which young people can be proven to cases of trafficking in human beings. Not this Web site, such as your passport and private registration process the request processing server is included with certain administrative functions which are carried out by the Office of the Secretary of the High Court in any country. Please note the limitations of the case shows the following records: • information may not happen the timeliness, completeness or correct records. • The information is subject to change at any time. • The information is not official coverage of the Court. • Not all cases of court participants may be included. • The information must not be used as a substitute for a thorough historical search of official public records. The user is responsible for verifying the data on this Web site for official information of the Court, filed in court. Using this site indicated that the terms of the Arizona law and system conditions, including its courts, divisions, directors and employees, the manufacturer declines any responsibility for loss, damage or consequence directly or indirectly from the use of the information available on this site and the Justice of Arizona does not provide any warranty, express or Implicitaque is present right, accurate and complete. The data available on this Web site are updated regularly and can communicate through electronic means of payment. If you are interested, please contact us. Information cases updates every week on this site. Updated information every Friday for information about the records through the week Wednesday account. .