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The Civil Division has four branches: branch actions civil small claims branch of conciliation and dispute, the lessor and the lessee of the offices and quality review branch. (1) the sense of civil actions processed civil cases with claims of more than $5 000, request for relief found in fresh capital, as well as the case. 2. the conciliation small branch and handles cases where the claims of less than $5 000 total (excluding interests, expenses or costs), the provisional legal protection also does not ask or include questions about the interest in the real estate business. 3. the direction of owners and tenants stored in cases of expulsion by the landlord against the tenant or another occupant of the property. Tenants have the right to make claims against its owner after an event. They also have tenants against its owner in disputes of claims and conciliation branch, if their total assets are less than $5 000, and if they are not the order of the Court on the issues of the owner to do something to repair as a health hazard. Tenant claims against the owner component civil actions filed, if their claims of more than $5 000 total and ask the judge to ask anything to the owner. If a tenant looking for repairs to your home, tenants can call a housing inspector c. d. accommodation an owner, request, and a request to request a hearing from. (4) support for the administrative control of the quality of the Civil Division recommended branch and unmanaged cases. The court case search dc trial Chamber are trying criminal cases, including above all crime, crime and traffic occasionally. Some take intra for the crime family? managed by the unit of domestic violence, which differs from the Division Criminal. Crime in some areas of the criminal law also operates the courts of the community of Washington, some of traffic and in some cases of treatment, d. c. Community courts deal with quality of life in General. Crime and flexibility, court supervision of referrals to social services and public service. Is one of the entities domestic violence? Handles certain types of civil and criminal claims, violence or threats of violence. Domestic violence Unit handled the case, if parties an opportunity to another, among other things by blood, marriage and custody who share a child together, a residence or a previous or current events. Criminal matters is heard and offense family intra injury protection through the family violence unit? Offense. Civil cases, after hearing unit of domestic violence orders of protection include domestic violence. Family violence unit can also certain types of cases, which are referred to as part of a case of domestic violence, divorce, custody of the children, including visits, paternity and alimony. Protective order cases begin to take domestic violence centers. Jurisdiction exclusive, complaints related to reviews of cases and controls and sanctions civil and criminal tax matters related to (D) shall be the income tax division. C. fees to manage. The following table provides a summary of the types of cases tried before a Court of the District of Columbia,.