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You will need to download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print documents with this symbol. If you use a screen reader, you get support and information on the Adobe website login. The Mission of the Alaska Court system is an accessible and impartial forum solve all cases described, just enough, and decide to offer in this case according to law, without delay and with integrity. Select a Georgia County below all directories with links to courts that show for the resource records of each cut. Superior courts have general jurisdiction in all civil and criminal cases, but in General only cases that are treated outside the jurisdiction of other courts. Criminal matters from the High Court heard include offences less understanding. Superior Court of Justice heard civil matters, including the relations of equity, property and family. Each court has a section from the family, the Court is empowered, through divorce and the situations in which children, such as alimony, custody, child abuse, domestic violence, paternity and legitimacy. Division of the family court other types of businesses can hear returned including business to a section of the family court of other courts. State courts have limited jurisdiction over certain types of civil and criminal. Criminal cases of traffic violations and crime are criminal cases handled by State courts. All complaints, not within the exclusive jurisdiction of the superior courts are civil cases handled by the courts of the State. State courts could share some skill with other types of cuts. The justice courts have limited responsible of certain types of civil and criminal cases. Magistrate courts of no jury trials and also when asked for a trial before a jury will transfer the case to a higher court or the Court of the State. Criminal matters by the magistrate treated courts including preliminary hearings, some offenses and violations against the regulation of the circuit. Civil jurisdiction includes civil claims to generally less than $15 000 in the dispute. Cases usually administered by magistrate courts include fraud and cases of owners and tenants (good)-savings accounts. Courts have exclusive jurisdiction over cases of alleged perpetrators of unruly children, private, or need treatment for psychological disorders or intellectual disabilities. Juvenile courts, crimes of trading in children and cases of judicial approval for minors in case of need for marriage, work, recruitment, to discuss abortion and other circumstances. Juvenile courts can withstand certain cases of termination of parental rights and other minor problems, including child care, waiting for relatives or child support or other juvenile court whose jurisdiction is called. Juvenile courts jurisdiction with the superior courts on certain offences by minors, who share juvenile courts but certain serious criminal court case search alaska matters, the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts, such as murder, rape and armed robbery falling within no responsible. Exclusive jurisdiction dealing with cases in which the approval of wills, administration of real estate, guardianships of minors or incompetent persons and other types of RS probate courts have approval. If a State Court is allowed, in other cases to hear, including some cases of trafficking in human beings, any order fisheries and game and commitment to injure a dozen criminal hearings. Some municipalities have the courts responsible, limited established the urban regulations and preliminary hearings for certain criminal cases for the treatment of injuries. Some courts may share responsibility with other countries for some minor infraction. Some countries have civil courts, dealing with civil cases involving less than $25 000 in dispute. The civil court can offer a trial by jury, for eligible cases. .